Web Technologies

Development of advanced web applications is KIO IT SOLUTIONS's specialty and we will successfully complete your web application development project, no matter the size or requirements involved. To maintain and improve our high quality web apps, we have expertise in a variety of technologies used for web development.

Languages, Libraries, Frameworks

Creating a complex web application involves technologies from both server side and client side. When we are talking about Web Technologies, it mainly involves the client side technologies, used to build and display everything that the end user interacts with. The main language of the web is JavaScript, present in most webpages and web apps in the client side. This means that the web technologies are mostly based on JavaScript, while server side technologies are varied (.NET, Java, PHP, Ruby, or even server-side JavaScript Node.js).

AJAX Frameworks offer developers a framework for developing cross browser, rich web applications that are interactive just like desktop applications. The frameworks will offer a range of user interface widgets like trees, grids, windows, menus, and more. Here we give you a quick overview of web technologies most commonly used by Orient.

jQuery JavaScript Library

The most common JS-based technology is jQuery library. The popularity of jQuery is easy to understand, as it improves on AJAX-based interfaces, virtually eliminating the differences between online applications and traditional desktop applications. Functionality and services can be combined in new ways to yield powerful, innovative software for the web. jQuery is appropriate for everything from the most basic websites to complex applications for multinational corporations.

Developers appreciate jQuery's short learning curve. The technique is easy to learn and use, but it opens up a plethora of opportunities to make exciting, compelling, and highly interactive websites and animated features.

jQuery offers many advantages to programmers and the end users. First, there are many jQuery plug-ins that can be used to customize the development process. Many developers use jQuery and create new plug-ins to support it. It's always best to use programming techniques that have been adopted by large communities, so jQuery is preferable over lesser-known frameworks for JavaScript, such as MooTools or prototype.js.

Another benefit of jQuery is that it is more concise. For example, just five lines of jQuery code can be equivalent or superior to 25 lines of more traditional code written in JavaScript. In addition, the use of jQuery makes development much simpler than Ajax-based processes.

Finally, jQuery has a website that overflows with technical resources, such as help documentation. It also has many illustrations and samples to help developers around the world.

The Yahoo! User Interface Library (YUI)

The Yahoo! User Interface (YUI) Library facilitates the creation of highly interactive applications within internet browsers. It comprises a collection of JavaScript-based controls and utilities that use techniques like AJAX, DHTML, and DOM scripting to develop applications. Although there are other exceptional CSS/JavaScript libraries, the YUI library has several advantages: its BSD license allows the controls to be used for business or nonprofit purposes, and it is absolutely free. The Yahoo! developers regularly update and refine the YUI library, which attracts billions of page views on a daily basis. The YUI Library community and documentation continues to grow through online forums.

One of the greatest advantages of the YUI library is that it is flexible and light. With just 11 KB “on the wire,” it includes a suite for events, DOM normalizations, and language utilities. If you opt for the larger 17.4-KB size, it comes with all the core features, as well as the YUI Loader, which uses one request for CSS and another for JS to dynamically load the requirements for whatever YUI-based module you're working with. None of the other market offerings can compete in terms of power or lightness.

The simplicity of the YUI Library belies in its power. It is a fantastic foundation for developing client-side applications. Each element of the YUI Library is scalable and adaptable, including the tools for creating widgets, managing objects, and customizing events.

One of the best things about the YUI Library is that it is built in modules, so you can pick and chooses the pieces you need for any given page. Many simple pages can get by with only the core package. If you work on a more complex project and need additional components, you can choose which ones to upload one at a time.

The BSD license is another great feature of the YUI Library, since all the widgets and utilities meet the same standards and share the same licensing requirements, even down to the testing and documentation. We are not aware of any other libraries that have a complete collection of widgets and utilities that can support all top browsers under a unified license. The YUI Library is also highly accessible, because the developers are committed to enhancing the experience for end users. The Library supports ARIA standards.

Finally, the YUI Library is packed with high-quality technical documentation, even for its newest release, YUI 3.x, the Carousel, and DataTable and other GA components. The engineers have posted handy cheat sheets, technical guides, and plentiful explanations and samples for developers to use.

Sencha Ext JS

A respected JavaScript developer, Jack Slocum, created Ext JS as a cross-browser library within JavaScript that can be used to create rich applications for the internet. His project originated as an attempt to build up the functionality of the library in YUI (the Yahoo! User Interface). Ext JS offers the same cross-browser support as YUI, facilitating the creation of valuable internet applications that are not dependent on using a particular internet browser.

Toolbars, data grids, combination boxes, and message boxes are among the controls offered by Ext JS. The ways in which elements are displayed on a webpage can be controlled by the layout managers. In addition, there are many features related to windows and forms.

Ext JS has an extendible, object-oriented framework and exceptional performance, and great presentation.

The user interface library within Ext JS can be complement Ruby on Rail, PHP, Java, .NET/ASP.NET, and almost all other server-side technologies.


To develop rich internet applications (RIA) that perform consistently regardless of operating system or browser, developers turn to the Flex framework. Flex permits superior interactivity and stunning designs that improve the user experience. Flex applications on the web are deployed via Flash Player, and Flex applications on a computer desktop are deployed via Adobe Air.

The KIO IT SOLUTIONS app development team creates affordable yet high-performing RIA based on Flash/Flex. We have a solid history of delivering superior Flex applications to our clients. We draw on our creativity, knowledge, and expertise to continue to create new and exciting applications that fully meet our clients' business needs.

Flash tools are currently one of the leading multimedia technologies. KIO IT SOLUTIONS has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to Flash/Flex application development, because our app development experts recognize the importance of creating a comfortable and smooth experience or the end users. Our talented professionals are fully prepared to put their skills to work on your behalf, developing custom apps that are intuitive, interactive, useful, and engaging, all while performing on multiple platforms.

KIO IT SOLUTIONS provides access to dedicated offshore professionals who are expert Flash/Flex programmers, server-side programmers, artists and testers. By relying on offshore professionals, your company can reduce labor costs and overhead expenses without sacrificing the quality of your final products.

Our Flex enterprise development services include:

  • Flex Custom Application Development
  • Flex Integration with Java
  • Flex Integration with PHP
  • Flex Integration with .NET

Telerik RadControls and Telerik's ASP.NET MVC Extensions

Telerik RadControls and Telerik's ASP.NET MVC Extensions are often used by KIO IT SOLUTIONS's development teams in creating valuable user interfaces. The tool helps us create applications for the web and desktop computers much more quickly.

When creating online applications, we are pursuing rich, engaging, and compelling experiences for the end user with full functionality and capabilities. Web 2.0 requires creating rich experiences in browsing, mash-ups, disconnected applications, client-side editing and biding, and more. Telerik RadControls makes the client-side API almost the same as that of the server side. When combined with lightweight JSON calls, data binding, and WebServices, the possibilities are almost limitless.

The tool is equally useful for creating desktop applications with high visual appeal and exceptional business functionality. Specifically, more than 45 user-interface controls come with RadControls for WinForms, meaning that we can create customized, visually impressive applications for your business with relative ease. We always use RadControls in combination with our carefully designed application architecture to find the best solution or the business's development needs.

We specialize in RadControls for Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX, WPF, and WinForms.

Twitter Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a light-weight framework developed by Twitter to be used for front-end development. It uses standard CSS and JavaScript to create simple and easy-to-maintain webpages with consistent layouts and reusable components.

Twitter Bootstraps' major strengths are its standardized styles which facilitate a consistent look and feel for the whole UI, and its grid system that supports different screen sizes and makes responsive web design easy. This strong support for responsiveness of web design makes Bootstrap very useful in the modern web, where more and more users access websites and web applications with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

All KIO IT SOLUTIONS's frontend developers are trained in Bootstrap. We recommend this framework for small and middle-sized web applications, where quick development of the core functionality is the highest priority.


AngularJS is a relatively new JavaScript framework, which is quickly growing on popularity. The framework is supported by Google, and it is an excellent choice for all types of web applications. KIO IT SOLUTIONS recommends considering Angular for your web project, unless you have a strong preference for some other technology. Read more about it in our AngularJS page.


Choosing the right web technology or technologies for your project is an important step to ensure the ultimate success of your product or service. If you have preferences for specific technologies, let us know about them, and we will find ways to utilize them the most effectively. If you are seeking for the right tool to fulfill your requirements, we will assist you in every aspect. Let us begin to work together to make your web application project reality!