QA And Software Testing

In today's competitive business atmosphere, businesses expect faster, more efficient software solutions with no quality sacrifice. Businesses that have their own testing teams are often challenged by high costs, unprepared to survive the normal business fluctuations, and unable to fulfill individualized testing demands. This leads to inadequate test coverage, illuminated in overall quality and reliability.

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, we put expertise, experience and efficiency together to offer start-to-finish Independent Testing Services spanning both conventional and cutting edge technologies. At KIO IT SOLUTIONS we improve the quality of your systems and deliver the final product to market quicker allowing us to lower your application portfolio's Total Cost of Ownership.


Our Testing Services

Dedicated QA Teams

Our Dedicated QA Team provides you with a comprehensive testing team. Specific individuals are chosen, matching their skills and qualifications with your project's demands. Our professional management ensures you receive the best resources for your wishes and needs. We want our work to be transparent and efficient and thus welcome your regular check-ins with us.

Test Automation

Most software testing tasks are repetitive, and this is especially true for Regression Testing that is conducted for every release of a software product. At KIO IT SOLUTIONS we realize the disadvantages of doing each and every task manually, and have gathered wide knowledge of test automation. With your input, we will identify the functions and workflows most suitable for automation and create scripts for them, making the test case easily repeatable and freeing resources for creative and exploratory testing.

Web Application Testing

There are some regularly-encountered issues inherent in providing software solutions. Some relate to compatibility, others to the variety of browsers and devices accessing the application and yet others are due to slow connections or server limitations. Our highly qualified QA teams and professional testers check the application's functions and assess its user interface with different browsers to provide you with top-notch cross-browser compatibility. We also apply performance, security and usability testing for our web application testing.

Mobile Testing

Top mobile application performance is of utmost importance since when a user encounters issues with a mobile app, the user is likely to quickly discard it and opt for a competing app in its stead. We merely need to match your target platform - Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows Phone - to the appropriate test suite to ensure your application will deliver the best possible experience. We take the limitations of mobile devices seriously and test any application for memory and battery use as well as bandwidth usage, and ensure that your design is responsive to best serve different screen sizes.

Functional Testing

Functional testing is necessary for every software product to understand how its functions, outputs, user inputs, data manipulation, integrations and workflows behave relative to its requirements and expectations. Our testers develop test cases in response to customer requirements and comments. We record the results and closely examine any case revealing failing or suspicious results. With functional testing, the most important functions must be re-tested frequently to avoid potential regressions.

Performance Testing

We believe in performance testing in every step of product development. Too often software development and testing focuses on making everything right in a simple environment with just a few test users and limited amounts of data. In reality, when performance issues are detected in the production environment, changes will be more costly. We understand this. So we do performance tests with realistic loads and stress. And we keep scalability a priority from the start.

Security Testing

Today, web application security is a mandatory requirement so our teams take security seriously in every application we develop. We also provide security audits for existing systems. Please see our "Security Testing" section for more information about our testing methods, and how we make sure that your system is thoroughly tested in order to detect and fix any security holes and threats.

Usability Testing

So your end product works and has all required functionality, but is it usable for the end user? Our testers identify the limitations that might take away from the ideal experience. They test the workflows and use cases to simulate actual user behavior. At KIO, usability testing is continual and spans the complete software development lifecycle so that your users can have the best possible experience with the end product.

How We Do It

Proactive, Value-Added Cooperation

Deep-rooted in our professional team members is a superior attention to detail and a desire for excellence coupled with a depth of technical awareness and the ability to perceive the client's big picture.

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS we aim to provide more measurable results per hour billed than any competing software companies. We help you understand and uncover the potential within Quality Assurance. Our delivered results speak for themselves and should help you justify allocating testing, QA and quality control funds so you achieve the best ROI possible.

R&D Testing Team

KIO IT SOLUTIONS always works toward continuous process improvements, applying knowledge sharing and best practices. To pursue these goals, KIO IT SOLUTIONS launched The KIO IT SOLUTIONS R&D Testing Team.

The R&D Testing Team facilitates teamwork among staff through open communication, providing better access to the knowledge base, expedited project team preparation and more efficient management of all staff.

We hire only the best software testing experts and quality analysts. They have years of practical experience and domain knowledge. The KIO IT SOLUTIONS R&D Testing Team works closely with our testing teams to deliver a better bottom line for your company.