Project Rescue

Project in Jeopardy? Talk to KIO!

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS we love rescuing projects in jeopardy. All too often, custom software and IT projects end mid-way through development. Sometimes, the platform isn't scalable, so it doesn't meet expectations or the code is in disarray and seems irreparable. In other cases, a company will move from developer to developer, each time hearing “This project cannot be completed.”

Unexpected issues like those listed below can arise when choosing to outsource software development from inferior outsource companies.

  • Limited access to progress metrics due to outsourcers not being granted proper access.
  • Poor user experience and low user uptake due to outsourcers performing passive development, not actively considering requirements of the end user.
  • Poor communication and less-than-optimal deliverables due to choosing inexperienced developers.
  • Team productivity declines and client dissatisfaction goes up when dedicated development teams are focused on multiple projects.
  • Low quality software and failed development projects due to contracting with inferior outsourcing teams

Get in Touch with Us to Review Your Project

You can contact us in the need of project recovery: we'll be happy to determine the current state of your project, and guide you to the next steps. We will review project documentation, perform detailed code reviews, product testing, and then provide you with a reliable status report using our automated tools.

Why Handover Your Project to KIO IT SOLUTIONS?

We will easily address all of the above issues using Agile processes. As one of the pioneering Indiaese practitioners of offshore Agile development, KIO IT SOLUTIONS is proud to offer professional outsourcing. We are significantly invested in the technologies we use, our production methods and our service delivery quality assurance.

Professional Staff

What you can expect from KIO IT SOLUTIONS expert staff:

  • Well-versed in crucial success factors and disciplines of Agile offshore software development.
  • A positive, proactive attitude to problem solving and transparent client communication.
  • Efficient task or requirement resolution.
  • An honest interest in understanding client businesses in order to improve your business' success.

100% Project Transparency

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS we operate a totally transparent project development setting. This means you can participate and stay current in everyday development, if you so desire. The ongoing project evolution in higher scale and details such as all team members' responsibilities, project risk assessment and control statuses are readily available for you. We will give you access Redmine, our Project Management System, so you can follow your project progress.

Quick Iteration and Regular Demo Delivery

We will provide you with a visible working module for your approval after a quick iteration that takes about 2 weeks. Using the Agile development method you can check project progress and approve new requirements' implementation.

Your Product Redesigned

We combine time-tested Agile methodologies with the newest and most appropriate technologies for your project to provide you with a modern, easily maintainable and long-lasting, scalable software solution. We want to improve your software solution from every angle to create greater business value and enhance the experience of the end user.