Engagement Models

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, we serve our international clients through the use of several models for engagement that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. You are invited to select one of our models or some combination of them, depending on the project phase and needs. You can choose any of the following choices:

Many of our first-time clients opt to begin with a flat fee for a pilot project with a dedicated team for a defined period of time. Then, once we have built up trust, they choose to use a dedicated facility for their offshore development needs.

Our experience has shown that companies have many different needs when it comes to software development. Some need relatively simple enhancements, whereas others need to develop an entirely new product from scratch. At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, we work with all types of clients, using the engagement model suited for your needs.

Our developers are technical experts who draw on all their knowledge and experience to produce a product that meets your business needs and technical requirements. When you outsource to KIO IT SOLUTIONS, you’ll enjoy a faster time to market and decreased development costs while you remain able to focus on your business’s core competencies.

Further options

We recommend you to engage on one of the 3 outsourcing models presented. To know more, we invite you to read our software outsourcing information pages specifically crafted to answer all the questions you may have. You can start with Software Outsourcing: Why Outsource?

Instead of outsourcing services, you may be interested in even higher involvement. We offer services through our Partnership Programs and are also able to assist you in Software company formation, if you are looking for market entry in India. Read more about Why KIO is the best choice.