What Does Your Dream Job Look Like?

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS , we believe everyone is capable of greatness. So we've created a positive, supportive workplace where each team member can grow and thrive.

Attractive Benefits

We are expanding bussiness and people to meet our clients' demands. You are warmly welcomed to join our team, where you got attractive benefits to support your daily performance.


You'll Have Fun

We believe happy people do the best work. And we believe happy people are free people.

You're free to be yourself at Orient. We don't expect you to fit a certain mold, or to have a certain background. We want free-thinkers and dreamers - people who believe they can change the world.

You'll Work with Great People

We believe in the power of teamwork. And we believe together all things are possible.

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, your teammates will be smart, experienced, and kind. They'll be world-class engineers, expert testers, and brilliant developers. They'll help you learn new skills, and they'll support you when you need help.

Your clients will be diverse and interesting - you'll work with many foreign clients on long-lasting projects. You'll have a chance to build strong relationships and positive references.



You'll Have a Rewarding Career

We believe success should be rewarded. And we believe there is always room to grow.

When you join KIO IT SOLUTIONS, you begin a career path that can take you to amazing places. You'll work with cutting-edge technology and use the most advanced methodologies. You'll become a highly-skilled, highly-experienced professional.

And you'll always find new and challenging opportunities at KIO IT SOLUTIONS.