Build Operate Transfer

ODC (Offshore Development Center) is a great fit to many business needs. But if you are looking for even more involved cooperation, and see the establishment of your own business in the local market as a future business goal, then our Build-Operate-Transfer model can be just right for you.

Our Build, Operate, Transfer Model

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, we offer the BOT Model, which stands for Build, Operate and Transfer. This model has many benefits if you plan to setup your own facility. First, you’ll have a local, reputable partner who will handle all the details of establishing your subsidiary and operate it for a defined period of time. Once that time has expired, we transfer the entire subsidiary and all its assets to you, along with staffing if needed, so that you can take control of the operations. We also suggest and implement creative, inexpensive solutions for the challenges that businesses face when they are experiencing rapid growth.

You’ll enjoy access to a dedicated facility that is fully grounded in the processes, infrastructure, and implementation success that KIO IT SOLUTIONS is known for. We can staff the facility for you, you can send your own employees, or we pursue do a combination of staffing resources. Our experience has taught us how to facilitate the transition when operations are returned to our client.

When you work with KIO IT SOLUTIONS and the BOT Model, you’ll discover greater flexibility, lower risks, lower costs, and a faster time to market, in addition to the advantages that come from our expertise in the process and your ability to choose to own the facility. We operate the facility in your best interests, and when the time is right we ensure a smooth transition as you take ownership of it.

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