Dedicated Teams

KIO IT SOLUTIONS's Dedicated Team model of cooperation provides superior software development services. By capitalizing on our strengths such as transparency in all processes, ongoing research and development and resource scalability, and a polished HR process, we deliver your project with success.

Our Dedicated Teams offer clients a simple, affordable answer to build-up of any software development project: we will set up teams for development, testing and quality assurance. Team sizes are adjusted to accommodate changing requirements and other needs. We provide experts with specialized skills as needed for particular tasks. This flexible methodology renders the software development process more unambiguous and user-friendly and guarantees better resource efficiency.


Advantages of Using Dedicated Teams

Knowledge of Your Organization

A dedicated team is specially selected to match your needs. Our business model relies on fostering long-term relationships. Our dedicated teams are able to focus on your specific situation, allowing us to quickly understand how your business works and what it needs. Thus we deliver lasting value and results both technically and in terms of business ROI.

Fast Team Formation

Our team formation is fast and flexible. Our teams are distributed across varied projects with evolving needs which makes many staff members constantly available for redeployment. We maintain a list of possible new talent among our staff so when you need new team members, we can provide new candidates within a few weeks.

Prescreened Resources

We don’t want to waste your time with appointing inappropriate team members so we prescreen all potential team candidates for their business, technical and team fit, always keeping your needs as the highest priority.

Dedicated Manager

We always appoint a dedicated team manager. This appointee works with you to guarantee you receive a team with skills suitable to your need. We recognize and resolve team issues early so we can respond and make changes quickly.

Highly Competitive Rates

Dedicated team contracts typically begin with a six-month agreement. After this initial period, we review the project regularly and propose to adjust team structure or size if necessary. Our regular assessments allow us to plan team changes in anticipation of your future needs. This efficient management of our teams results in high utilization, which is reflected in the lower price you are paying.

Long-Term Relationship

We have a proven history of successful, long-term relationships with clients globally. Our professional Indiaese development teams are good in building lasting relationships, allowing us to work together efficiently.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

We perform background checks on every employee to ensure safe and secure working process. Each employee has to sign an agreement to make sure your business practices, trade secrets and intellectual property remain confidential, secure and safe.

Your Team and Our Team

We have found it to be the most successful when our team and your team are well integrated. Whether at the business or technical level, we strive to fit into your team so that we collaborate toward mutual success. In fact, our goal is to remove the concept of "our team" and "your team" by seamless collaboration.

Knowledge Sharing

We hire staff with diverse technological experience so that you receive the advantage of variety of knowledge for your projects. We find that sharing knowledge across teams is very important for personal and organizational development, and we organize monthly Knowledge Sharing events for our staff.

Attention to Detail

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, our enthusiastic spirit and attention to details allow us to add great value to businesses of all kinds, from startups to larger companies. Take advantage of our years of experience in building complex mobile and web applications by setting up a team at KIO IT SOLUTIONS.


Adding business value

KIO IT SOLUTIONS uses a consultative strategy to grasp your business’ top priorities, its market position, and the essential details of your product’s success. We use the best and latest mobile and web technologies combined with our depth and breadth of software development experience to add more value to your business.

Dedicated Team Options

Dedicated team solutions with KIO IT SOLUTIONS take various forms depending on your needs.

Dedicated Resources

We recommend starting with a single hand-picked dedicated team and slowly progressing towards a full-scale Offshore Development Center.

Management, Done How It's Supposed to Be

There are some regularly-encountered issues inherent in providing software solutions. Some relate to compatibility, others to the variety of browsers and devices accessing the application and yet others are due to slow connections or server limitations. Our highly qualified QA teams and professional testers check the application's functions and assess its user interface with different browsers to provide you with top-notch cross-browser compatibility. We also apply performance, security and usability testing for our web application testing.

Offshore Development Center (ODC)

We will set up multiple teams dedicated to your projects. You will save the overhead costs as we take care of the management, yet the teams are in constant communication with you.

Build - Operate - Transfer (BOT)

This model is appropriate for a growing company planning a market entry. We will build up a team working for you, and transfer the operations to you when you are ready.


We develop open and honest relationships with our customers and strive to maintain transparency in the full business process. You can check total costs to date, workflow, and resources in your dedicated team. We give you the numbers and all pertinent information so can make the best management decisions.

Research and Development

Mobile software and web development are creative jobs. Success takes an innovative spirit and the ability to make complicated concepts easy. Our research and development procedures allow us to offer many solutions to problems and offer counsel to help you make the best business choices for your mobile or web product.

HR Process

The Dedicated Team structure affords benefits from which businesses of all types and sizes have profited. Our well-developed HR process allows us to offer you such advantages.

The KIO IT SOLUTIONS HR department will carefully identify your needs, working closely with you. The recruiting process we’ve designed is best reflected when you use our Dedicated Team model. The Dedicated Team model is a win-win solution that involves these steps:

  • Potential employee search and selection
  • New employee adaptation stage
  • Company personnel evaluation
  • Employee training and professional development
  • Employee retention and motivation
  • Strong employer branding

Our Dedicated Team model always makes a priority fulfilling client needs and projects requirements. We gain an understanding of your business model and market you’re in so we’re sure to be headed for mutual success.

We host IT gatherings geared toward talented web and mobile app developers, collaborate with colleges, hire local headhunters, and are up to speed on the most recent expectations of testers, web and mobile experts.

When we search for new Dedicated Team candidates we review both our proper resume database of talented testers, web and mobile app developers as well as searching external sources. We currently make prioritize a review of the candidate’s long-term professional desires to be sure they converge with our client’s needs and expectations.

For the adaptation stage, we put great energy into helping the new hire feel at ease in KIO’s corporate space. We appoint a mentor to all new hires to familiarize him or her with KIO IT SOLUTIONS’s mission, values, culture and traditions.

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, we evaluate our employees regularly so we’re aware of each team member’s strengths and weaknesses. The total evaluation comprises employee and project manager evaluations as well as an assessment interview. Based on what we learn, we then devise individual plans to refine the skills and qualifications of our staff.

Staff training and professional development are dependent on the goals set forth by the evaluation. We provide an array of employee trainings that include mentoring, attending conferences and seminars, self-study, external training and courses for testers, web and mobile developers and more.

Employee motivation and retention includes:

  • Devotion
  • Team building
  • Competitive compensation packages
  • Employee training
  • Good project management

Strong employer branding is very important. We want all KIO IT SOLUTIONS current and potential employees to have an image of KIO as a great place to work. We work diligently in varied ways to build and maintain that truth and positive image of our company.