Test Automation

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS we match the speed and financial benefits of software test automation with affordable offshore testing resources. We have successfully integrated a number of our testing teams with clients' Agile development teams, and we have automated applications using a variety of industry-standard tools.

We combine state-of-the-art testing frameworks with your choice of software test automation tool to cut time and save you money on large-scale software test automation. We can provide the best solution for your needs, whether you’re designing an enterprise software application with numerous platforms and versions to support and complex business logic or a mobile app with tight deadlines to get it to market.

Should You Automate?

KIO IT SOLUTIONS can help your company maintain a competitive edge with test automation. When done well, you can achieve a range of different tests and business goals with test automation. Below is a list of what test automation can help you accomplish:

  • Better test coverage/Better quality: The breadth and depth of testing possible for each release is increased with automation so you can detect bugs faster and earlier.

  • Less costs in a shorter time: When a test automation framework is built well, automated tests execute much quicker and can run without constant supervision, saving you time and money.

  • Repeatability: Automation excels in Regression Tests, ensuring that changes are smoothly integrated with existing tests. Regression Tests make up the bulk of tests performed for each release.

  • Keeping up with the Joneses: Automated testing is the only way to stay ahead of the curve with constant updates and security upgrades being released for operating systems and browsers.

  • Flexibility: Reality and history have taught us to expect delays in the development cycle. Delays can strain both time and testing resources. With automated testing we can preset repetitive tests. By automating the repetitive tasks, our expert testers can concentrate on testing new features in shorter time frames.

  • Increased effectiveness of manual testing: By eliminating repetitive and mundane tests, testers can use their instincts, knowledge and creativity to recognize more important bugs and ultimately create a better end product for users.

Test Automation Methodology

At KIO IT SOLUTIONS, there are four steps to our Test Automation Methodology: Planning, Test and Framework Development, Automated Test Execution and Optimization and Maintenance.


Significant planning is involved in Test Automation to ensure the pertinence of its application. Having clear goals is critical to successful implementation of Test Automation. During the Planning stage, most of our time is allocated to assessing a project’s functional scope and fulfilling the necessary knowledge transfer. The project team can prepare for their work once they have a comprehensive understanding of the application business logic and the basic functionality underlying the User Interface. Key requirements for automated testing are fully outlined in the planning stage.

Test and Framework Development

In the Test Development stage, most of our time is spent on automated test description, framework development, test case development, testing and execution. Our goal is to minimize the resources used in general functionality development. The time devoted to test development is dependent on the project size. With larger projects, we divide the active development stage into many shorter stages, delivering interim results along the way.

Automated Test Execution

Our approach to automated test development ensures that changes to the code will minimally affect automated test execution. We utilize techniques like BDD and languages like Gherkin. This helps us creating the right abstractions to avoid having an automated test suite that is too coupled with the implementation. As such, the advantages are that the tests will live with the code, and code changes can be easily implemented in the test suite. In this way, we can more quickly recognize regression issues.

Optimization and Maintenance

Changes to the project and its scope frequently happen, and they can affect solution architecture and functionality. When developing automated testing, such changes must be addressed as quickly as possible by immediately altering the automated test suite. Our experts at KIO IT SOLUTIONS aim for high maintainability and will handle changes by smoothly adapting and optimizing existing tests and by developing new automated tests as conditions change.